At clothing 4 work we offer two forms of embellishment:

  1. Print 

Print is a low cost set up process which is carried out by our in house team. We have a wide range of printable items which are perfect for promotion ideas as well. We also operate an exact colour matching process which is suitable for jobs of any size. 

  • Embroidery (minimum 6 garments)

Embroidery is a hard wearing embellishment which is used for a variety of designs. We are able to use a wide range of threads, fonts and styles to create the style you are looking for. All of this work is completed by an experienced team of experts dedicated to getting all the details correct.

Please note that with all our printing options there is no initial set up fee. However there is for the logos and images we require to carry out the embroidery process. With standard text there is no setup disc required. 

Embroidery Disc one off set up fee

An embroidery disc is your logo/image converted into a file which is recognised by embroidery machines. We utilise the latest software to ensure that your logo is brought to life, and is converted into stitches to give an overall stitch count for your logo. 

The set-up cost of this process is £29 and is limited to 7000 stitches. Once this has been set up then you will not need to pay this fee again if ordering with us in the future. If your logo is to exceed the 7000 stitches limit then one of the team will be in contact to resolve this. However, please note that our stitch count is capped at 15000.

Please note however if you have already had this completed elsewhere previously and are able to get a copy of the disc then there is no set up cost required. 

If you have decided you would like to utilise our embellishment process then you will need to call us on 01283 249 740 or email us at

Embellishment Prices List for General Customers 

Print ImagePrice (excl VAT)Print TextPrice (excl VAT)
Left chest£2.50Left chest£2.00
Right Chest£2.50Right Chest£2.00
Full Front£3.00Full Front£3.00
Across Chest£3.00Across Chest£2.50
Back Centre Neck£2.50Back Centre Neck£2.00
Across Shoulders£3.00Across Shoulders£2.50
Full Back£3.00Full Back£3.75
Lower Back£2.00Lower Back£3.75
Lower Left/Right Sleeve£2.25Lower Left/Right Sleeve£2.00
Upper Left/Right Sleeve£2.25Upper Left/Right Sleeve£2.00
Embroider ImagePrice (excl VAT)Embroider TextPrice (excl VAT)
Left chest£2.50Left chest£2.50
Right Chest£2.50Right Chest£2.50
Full Front£3.50Full Front£3.00
Across Chest£3.50Across Chest£3.0
Back Centre Neck£2.50Back Centre Neck£2.25
Across Shoulders£4.00Across Shoulders£3.00
Full Back£4.00Full Back£3.00
Lower Back£3.00Lower Back£2.50
Lower Left/Right Sleeve£2.50Lower Left/Right Sleeve£2.25
Upper Left/Right Sleeve£2.50Upper Left/Right Sleeve£2.25