Embellishment Process

We offer 2 forms of embellishment:

1. Print

Low set-up cost, in house design team, wide range of printable items, perfect for promotional ideas, exact colour matching and suitable for jobs of any size.

2. Embroidery :

Embroidery is hard wearing, uses a wide range of threads, fonts and styles. Embroidery is a high class option which is affordable to everyone. Completed by an experienced team, dedicated to getting every detail of what you require right.

With the printing option there is no initial set-up fee, however there is for logo’s/images requiring embroidery. Standard text there is no set-up disc required.

Embroidery disc one off set-up fee:

An embroidery disc is your logo/image converted to a file type which can be recognised by our embroidery machines. The logo will be converted to stitches using the correct software making an overall stitch count for your logo.

The embroidery disc set-up is a one-off fee per image/logo once you have paid this initial set-up fee you would not have to pay the set-up again for this image/logo.

 Standard embroidery disc set ups are £59, this is limited to 7000 stitches, should your design be more than this our staff may be in touch to resolve this.

If you already have an embroidery disc elsewhere or already with us there is no need to purchase another for this image/logo.

Should you require an embroidery disc and have not purchased one or supplied one then we will either require payment or the disc before work is started.

Custom embellishment process:

When you have chosen your product by clicking on the customization button this will open up a new window where you can personalise your garment.

On the left you will see a template visual representing your garment, above this there will be the headings  front, back, left sleeve, right sleeve.

On the right of this window will be where you can add your personalisation.

By selecting the Images tab this brings up multiple titled boxes. Each titled with how you can customize your garment e.g. ‘print image left chest’.

By selecting upload your image and then finding your image on your computer/device this will import the image into the corresponding box. By then clicking on the image when loaded in the corresponding box this will generate the image in the designated position on the garment.

Please note it may not be to scale and is for representation purposes only.

Each box on the right of the window is titled what you can do e.g. print/embroider image then the position of the image e.g.  ‘print image left chest’

By selecting the texts tab next to images tab you will find another selection of boxes. The difference is you can type in the field of where you wish your embroidery/print text to go. You can increase the text size, change the colour and font using the tool bars towards the bottom left of the window

Please note it will not be to scale. Depending on the length of what you type in may go off the garment visual as such the template visual is for representation purposes only.

Please note: Our customization templates are white, if you are ordering a black garment for instance and require white text, please type this in white. You may not be able to see the text as on a white template but it will guide us to what colour you wish the text.

Once you have finished in the customization you can add what you have done to the cart and continue shopping as required

In most instances when uploading an image or text it will designated to a position. However in some cases such as aprons you will be able to move the image/text around the on the garment and choose your own location.

Please note: When embroidering on apron pockets depending on the size of the image/logo or text it may result in sealing or partly sealing the pocket. We will contact you shoud this occur.

A member of our staff will confirm the details of any embellishment with you upon receipt of your order, clarifying the position and print/embroidery as required.

Embellishment Prices for General Customers

Print ImagePrice (excl VAT)Print TextPrice (excl VAT)
Left chest£2.50Left chest£2.00
Right Chest£2.50Right Chest£2.00
Full Front£3.00Full Front£3.00
Across Chest£3.00Across Chest£2.50
Back Centre Neck£2.50Back Centre Neck£2.00
Across Shoulders£3.00Across Shoulders£2.50
Full Back£3.00Full Back£3.75
Lower Back£2.00Lower Back£3.75
Lower Left/Right Sleeve£2.25Lower Left/Right Sleeve£2.00
Upper Left/Right Sleeve£2.25Upper Left/Right Sleeve£2.00
Embroider ImagePrice (excl VAT)Embroider TextPrice (excl VAT)
Left chest£2.50Left chest£2.50
Right Chest£2.50Right Chest£2.50
Full Front£3.50Full Front£3.00
Across Chest£3.50Across Chest£3.00
Back Centre Neck£2.50Back Centre Neck£2.25
Across Shoulders£4.00Across Shoulders£3.00
Full Back£4.00Full Back£3.00
Lower Back£3.00Lower Back£2.50
Lower Left/Right Sleeve£2.50Lower Left/Right Sleeve£2.25
Upper Left/Right Sleeve£2.50Upper Left/Right Sleeve£2.25