Bespoke Service

Where we stand out from our competitors is our excellent bespoke service. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, we understand that sometimes you need particular fits, colours and even personalisation added to your workwear or garments. We have created our bespoke service to be able to fit a variety of requirements and needs. 

Our process works in 5 easy steps which include. 

Step 1 

To begin this process we need you to give us your brief. Your brief is a detailed description of what you are going to require, and ideally will have some form of example. However, do not worry if not. Our bespoke services team are available on the phone during our office hours mif you require some assistance. However if you would prefer you can pop down to see them face to face. Either way we really can bring that brief to life. 

Step 2 

Once we have received your brief then we look at the design phase. This is where we will focus on creating what is on your brief, and put together a form of mock up to show you what it is going to look like. 

Step 3 

After your mock up has been completed we will then present this to you. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss with us any changes you would like to make to the style, colour, or even personalisation. 

Once this has all been agreed we then need to look at the finer details. We will need to discuss-

  • The Fabric- What weight, composition and also performance. We can help to guide you on this, and usually will correlate to what the garment is going to be used for. 
  • The Budget- We need to know how much you are wanting to spend in order to deliver on your expectations. 
  • Labelling- Do your garments require consumer labelling, neck labels or neck tapes. At this stage we will also discuss any personalisation you would like us to include. 
  • Packaging- This is more specific to those who are going to be selling on their items to their customers. Will we need to include a polybag and a swing tag.

Step 4 

Our 4th step is when your design will be placed into pre production samples. This is your chance to see your designs as they would be when completed. We include all the embroidery and printing at this stage as well.

Step 5 

Our final stage commences once the pre production stages have been approved and confirmed. Now we are ready to create the final product.